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whats up toot-licker 🏴 πŸ• @jabyrd3@masto.dev.host

anyways if you can somehow see this (you followed me and my old-ass db doesn't have my followbacks, fave this and i'll readd)

was able to rebuild my instance after a catastrophic fuckup, but my database is from august 2018 (ugh).

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oh hey i just realized that i can say this without the lens of irony because this aint twitter:

remember that lobbyists and politicians periodically have to go outside and exist in publicly accessible locations, and remember that you have fists.

remembering john mccain by engaging in a "controlled flight into terrain"

big tiddy waluigi
Β­Β­ ​​:boob:​:boob:

can qe take a moment to appreciate how painters pioneered hornt on main?

I love being a funeral director and hiding in all my conservative customer's caskets so I can rock back and forth and moan loudly during their funeral service to both terrify their loved ones to their core and give them a sense of false hope.

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me taking all my electronic devices out of the airport security bin after being scanned

Watching a show on veterinarians & segment comes on where they're operating on a seal.
Me: "Don't they know that you should never operate on a seal?"
Brother: :thaenkin: "He's got cuts & broken ribs. Why shouldn't they operate on him?"
Me: "Do not open if seal is broken."

all this talk about large adult sons but no ones talking about large adult daughters... the patriarchy is alive and well