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the ONLY reason i don’t have a β€œraw dog scrappy doo” tattoo is because it is illegal

everything hurts i just wanna go out drinking and fuck myself up

im taking some time off to fix up this artproject / security-camera code, when i come back you'd better all have put tiddies on the bartsimpson or im gonna bounce forever

new season of american vandal is *by far* the best episode of black mirror, imho

i have gotten more ass since i had these pants tailored, this wedding is gonna be realll risky yall

There's a Garfield strip in a book I had when I was a kid that was Jon trying to eat a hot dog sandwich but the wiener squirted out of the hot dog sandwich bun and the only dialogue was him in the last panel yelling "WHO GREASED MY WIENER?!" and I am simply astonished that the horde of Garfield-perverts on this site has not posted that on my TL yet

heads up anybody who's been watching
stormpunk.dev.host : i added a soundtrack; i've gotta add an off button still, but for now i'm gonna let it ride. its just streaming shit off my laptop and i'm leaving the house for a bit

do you think when Marvel made Ghost Rider, the artist had to be physically restrained from naming him "Harley Skeleton"

I know about "breakfast food" but idgaf bring me a pizza. yess, i know its 830 am, what about it

the new Col. Sanders commercials are getting really strange

If shitposting were posting and shitting at the same time I would be so good at it

lol this thing is accidentally generating imagery that is *deeply* fucking me up

OH and by the way, im desperately hoping to watch that tent on the left-hand side leap into the sky at some point over the next couple days.

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